The Her Wonderland babe isn’t afraid to stand out and take risks. She is a poised, empowering, elegant, graceful woman who is ready to conquer the world and bring her dreams to life with a fashionable look.


 Poised: Self-possessed and in full control of your faculties. Balanced grounded and ready for action. A poise person exhibits composure and self-assuredness.

 Empowerful:  Recognizes complete responsibility for self and the choices made by self.

 Graceful: Having or showing grace in movement shape or proportion. A beautiful, stylish women that easily walks across a room while elegant is characterized by or exhibiting elegance.

 Elegant:  Poised and polite. She is kind and respectful to everyone around her. Communicates clearly and maintains composure no matter the situation.



Her Wonderland is curated with high fashion quality looks for any occasion at a great price.

Shop dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, bodysuits & more. The one-stop shop for all.



March 20, 2018 was the day Founder and CEO Cristina Rose launched Her Wonderland. Her Wonderland is curated with the customer in mind. Quality and fit is a big part of the brand when clothing is chosen.


"Her Wonderland is her magical place where she felt the most happiest" –Cristina Rose